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Ready to earn a 6-figure salary at a Fortune 500 brand?  

Imagine landing an interview and a 6-figure salary at a Fortune 500 company...

That's exactly what happens for my clients.


l’m Ashley Watkins Thomas, Job Search & Resume Coach and Nationally Certified Résumé Writer with Write Step Résumés.

I teach emerging leaders to write interview-winning resumes that land 6-figure roles at Fortune 500 companies. By working with me, frustrated job seekers learn leading-edge job search strategies for:

  • overcoming networking anxiety.

  • articulately communicating their career stories.

  • confidently showcasing how they add unique value to potential employers.

My strategies will help you craft keyword-rich résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to prepare you for interviews and salary negotiations — so you land more high-paying roles. 

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You're here because you are a promotion-ready powerhouse with a burning desire to rediscover the impact you've made in your career so you can market yourself to employers as the candidate of choice who commands a top-dollar salary.


You've been repeatedly told no when you've tried on your own to pursue that higher-paying job or make your mark in another career field and it's discouraging.


Here's a tip: The answer isn't no because they said so. It's a "no" because you actually believe them.

As a corporate recruiter, I've hired top talent for national nonprofits and multimillion-dollar companies in banking and manufacturing.

Before launching my business, I'd been at a point where I let feelings of self-doubt, defeat, and frustration hold me back in my career.

I can't tell you how many promotions I let pass me by. My degree, years of experience, and achievements didn't matter because I didn't know how great I was back then. I chose to listen to that little devil on my shoulder who told me my career dreams were impossible instead of claiming what was mine because I was worth it.

Then, I got tired. I mean, I was fed up! I was stuck in a dead-end job and wanted to move up in my field, but I just didn't know where to start.

Once I pinpointed fool-proof job search strategies, career advancement was no longer a dream. It became my reality.


Now, I help emerging leaders overcome the worry, self-pity, and stress of their job search so they don't struggle like I did.


Your goals are just on the other side of fear and defeat.

"Ashley is a lot of fun to work with, and at the same time, she gets right down to business. I believe she was as invested in my success as I was! I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley as your "go to" when you want to make a change, improve your income, change career paths and/or move up....she can and will do it all."


L. Vaughn - Nonprofit CEO

Would earning a 15% increase in 12 weeks without relying on the ATS change your life? Find out how you could be next!

By the time career seekers reach out to me for help they are:


Underpaid because they run circles around their coworkers (and supervisors), but their paychecks don't reflect it.


Frustrated because they've applied for jobs and repeatedly get rejections even when they KNOW they are highly qualified for the targeted roles.

Defeated — because, despite their best efforts, they can't land positions/promotions with their desired employer. Walking in their true purpose seems impossible.

Overwhelmed because they've sought career advice/services from people who have no vested interest in their success, no hiring experience, and no idea what current job search standards look like. None of what they're being told works and they struggle to fix it by themselves.

It's never too late to reach your full career potential.


Whether you're:


...a new grad hoping to land the first job in your field,

...a mid-level manager looking for that 6-figure promotion, experienced director ready to take on an executive role, OR 

...a seasoned professional wanting to shift gears into a new industry

I can help you speak with confidence and purpose so you land more interviews for high-paying roles at Fortune 500 brands.

"I am happy to announce that I not only received one job offer at a well-known company, I also may have another offer coming through in a week or two! I could not have made it through all of this without her. I highly recommend her for her resume writing, career coaching and job hunting strategy. If you haven't found a job yet, Ashley will help you get there."

M. Cannon - HR Business Partner

 Recognized By The Industry's Top Career Sites 


2019 Balance Careers' The 8 Best Resume Writing Services 


Jobscan's 2019 Top 15 Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn


2019 Honoree - LinkedIn Top Voices for Job Search & Career Experts


2019 Career Sherpa's 50 Best Twitter Accounts For Job Search Advice

Reach out today, and we'll work together on:


  • Getting crystal clear about what job fits your unique skills and identifying how your personal brand aligns with your target career field or industry.

  • Crafting high-quality career documents (résumé and cover letter) to highlight the distinct benefit you offer the target employer.

  • Creating a personalized, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile, so you appear in more employer searches and clearly demonstrate a specific value to the company.

  • Devising a job search strategy that enables you to connect with recruiters, access the hidden job market, and use networking techniques to find your next career opportunity.

Notebooks and Pens

In just 30 minutes, we’ll uncover:

  • What counterproductive thoughts you've allowed to hold you back from applying for the job you want.

  • What needs improvement and how I can help you stand out from the crowd through keywords, design, and accomplishments.

  • What services I offer to boost your marketability, so you secure your spot on the recruiter shortlist and land a 6-figure salary at a Fortune 500 brand.

Ready to get started? Click here for more info.

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Stay connected!

If you’re on the market for a new career, like the Write Step Résumés, LLC page on Facebook.


Throughout the week, I give tips about résumé writing, cover letter development, and interview strategy.

You can also follow Write Step Résumés, LLC on Twitter @WriteStpResumes or Instagram @WriteStepResumes.

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"I have to give kudos, thanks, and more to Ashley. I found myself unexpectedly on the job market, and her advice on my résumé and personal brand helped get both into fighting shape and made navigating a difficult time much easier. I was consistently amazed at how much insight and knowledge she packs into a short conversation - days later I was still integrating ideas she shared in a quick 30-minute call. If you need a résumé refresh, job hunting help, or a mentor for advance your career, I would highly recommend giving Ashley a call!"

A. Krauss - Cybersecurity Pro


Coaching Sessions

Resume Coaching Services Consult
Resume or LinkedIn Refresh Session 
90 min - $499

In this live, virtual Q&A-style session, you'll watch as Ashley:


  • Teaches you how to identify keywords in target job postings.

  • Tailors your resume OR LinkedIn profile to speak directly to the potential employer's problem while highlighting your achievements. (Final document delivery in 1-2 business days.)

  • Strategically infuses keywords within your resume OR LinkedIn profile so you appear in more employer searches.

Untitled design (61).png
Resume or LinkedIn Critique
60 min - $249

During this recorded / live session, Ashley will evaluate your resume OR LinkedIn profile to determine if you have effectively:


  • Targeted your resume OR LinkedIn profile to the desired jobs.

  • Showcased your competitive edge and demonstrated how your qualifications are a perfect fit for prospective employers. 

  • Made improvements so you gain more interviews for higher-paying roles.

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Interview or Job Search Coaching Session
60 min - $349

In this session, Ashley will teach you:

  • How to prepare for an in-person or virtual job interview no matter your career level.

  • Tips for researching employers and requesting your desired salary package.

  • Strategies for interpreting and answering the most common interview questions. 

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Salary Negotiation Session
60 min - $349

In this session, Ashley will teach you:

  • How and when to talk about salary.

  • Why you don't have to accept the first salary offer you're given and tips for countering low-ball offers.

  • The secret to considering the FULL value of the compensation package (benefits, perks, etc).

Coaching Programs

Resume Reboot™
Self-Paced Online Course
Interview Ignite™
Group Coaching Program

In this 7-module course, you'll learn:


  • How to create a keyword-rich resume that positions you as an ideal candidate for recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Design elements that draw the reader's attention to your skills, competencies, and results.

  • Strategies for showcasing your value so you land an interview for higher-paying positions.

  • Tips on explaining employment gaps, relocation preferences, and any other potential roadblocks to landing interviews.

  • Ways to overcome your fears and tap into your "it factor" to finally say "yes" to that 6-figure job offer.

In this 6-week program, you'll learn:


  • Ways to tailor your responses to exemplify your overall brand and have employers lined up to hire you.

  • How to avoid cliché responses to the most important interview questions, including the dreaded "tell me about yourself" or "explain your strengths and weaknesses." 

  • Tips for speaking with confidence and purpose so you land a job you love — at the salary you deserve.

  • Techniques for incorporating research, networking, and follow-up into your job search so you maximize each interaction with hiring representatives.

  • The follow-up questions to ask that help you avoid buyer's remorse, pitfalls, and career suicide.


Jondell Stephens / Regional Operations Director


Ashley has been an integral part of my career development in recent years. Not only are her résumé and interview preparation services top notch, but her zeal for helping people and passion for her line of work shine through in all that she does. With her help, I’ve been able to increase my salary by over 70% compared to what I was earning before meeting her. She is a true professional and she’s the best at what she does!"


Get in touch!

2455 Moody Pkwy, Unit #636, Moody, AL 35004 

For any inquiries and questions, complete the following form. For resume, interview, or job search support, click here to schedule a consult.

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