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If you’re an emerging leader or senior-level pro who’s




My 7-step formula takes the guesswork out of resume writing, positioning you to confidently communicate your value—so you land more interviews for 6-figure roles at top-tier brands.

My heart aches for you because I’ve been right where you are now.


You’re a promotion-ready powerhouse who, despite having above-average skills, still struggles to market your expertise and command a top-dollar salary.


You've been repeatedly passed over for higher-paying positions even when you’re the most qualified candidate for the job.


You run circles around your coworkers (and supervisors), but your paycheck doesn’t reflect it.


You doom scroll on social media for hours, sifting through advice from influencers—and none of the tricks and hacks have worked for you.


Yet, you know deep in your soul there just has to be a way to make the kind of money you wholeheartedly deserve.


Jon Stephens Photo.jpeg

 Jon, Regional Operations Director

“With Ashley's help, I’ve been able to increase my salary by over 70% compared to what I was earning before meeting her. She is a true professional and she’s the best at what she does!”

It’s time to conquer your fear of rejection.


Say goodbye to:


  • Dreading the need to tailor your resume to each role and struggling to quantify your achievements because you have no idea where to start.

  • Not being able to interpret job postings, identify relevant keywords, or infuse relevant competencies into your resume.

  • Feeling overwhelmed because you’re not good at marketing yourself or communicating your value on paper.



Hey there!


I’m Ashley Watkins Thomas, your job search and resume writing coach.


As a corporate recruiter, I've hired top talent for national nonprofits and multimillion-dollar companies in banking and manufacturing industries.

Before launching Write Step Resumes, I was at a point where I let feelings of self-doubt, defeat, and frustration hold me back in my career.

I can't tell you how many promotions I let pass me by. My degree, years of experience, and achievements didn't matter because I didn't know how great I was back then. I chose to listen to that little devil on my shoulder who told me my career dreams were impossible instead of claiming what was mine because I was worth it.

Even as a recruiter, I struggled to reach my career goals. I was skipped over and rejected until I formulated a job search plan that got my resume in front of decision makers, produced multiple interviews, and boosted my salary $14K-$20K with each job change.


Since launching my resume writing business, I’ve amassed a catalog of accomplishments, including:


  • 2019 LinkedIn Top Voice: Job Search & Careers

  • Jobscan’s Top 15 LinkedIn Job Search Experts to Follow in 2019 & 2023

  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert designations

  • 30+ features in major publications – HuffPost, NY Times, The Washington Post

  • 2022 TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award + 2023 TORI competition judge


Now, I help emerging leaders overcome the worry, self-pity, and stress of their job search so they don't struggle like I did.


Writing an effective resume is a challenge for many, but it doesn’t have to be.


Whether you're a looking for career growth, seeking a career change, or simply wanting to improve your resume-writing skills, this course covers it all in a 7-step strategy.


I designed the Resume Reboot™ resume writing course to teach emerging leaders to write interview-winning resumes that land 6-figure roles at Fortune 500 brands.


Module 1: Self/Resume Analysis: Starting with the end in mind.

  • Uncover why you’re seeking a new role and how to set yourself up for success.

  • Determine what it takes to align your value offerings to the target role(s).


Module 2: Resume Basics: Building a foundational resume.

  • Learn the basic components of an effective resume.

  • Discover the best strategy for showcasing your skills, accomplishments, and work experiences.


Module 3: Branding for Resumes: Writing an impactful professional summary and career story.

  • Use a fool-proof formula to write an attention-grabbing summary statement for any industry.

  • Tell a compelling career story that sells your value and gets hiring teams excited about hiring you.


Module 4: What do you do?: Explaining what you were hired to do without creating a task list.

  • How to write the job scope for positions you’ve held.

  • What to eliminate and how to show relevant work experience.


Module 5: Brag about it: Creating action-packed accomplishment bullets.

  • Craft compelling bullet points that highlight your achievements.

  • Apply the PAR format to tell your relevant career stories.


Module 6: Keyword optimization (& the ATS): What is it and why do I need it?

  • Tailor your resume to specific job postings.

  • Learn to review your experience against the job postings like a hiring pro and an ATS.


Module 7: Formatting: Leveraging visual elements to highlight your value.

  • Strategies for addressing gaps, short stints, gig work

  • Using colors, borders, shading, and design to draw attention to target skills.

“Ashley is the definition of a true partner. She provides best practices and resources to ensure clients are prepared to pursue the next level of their careers. Working with her is more than a resume; it is a reflection of your accomplishments and your path forward. Her exceptional resume and interview coaching knowledge helped me secure a position that pays six figures. Yes...100% WFH!”

Kate Zimmer Photo.jpeg

 Kate, Talent Acquisition Manager


Personal Branding Training – Attract more employers by authentically expressing who you are and what differentiates you from other candidates with similar experience. Walk into your job interview with a story-telling strategy that exudes confidence and leaves employers wanting to hire you on the spot.


Ready-to-Write Resume Template – This fill-in-the-blank resume template is your time-efficient solution to crafting an interview-winning resume. Each resume section offers guidance for content and customization while remaining adaptable to various industries and perfect for all professional levels.

15-Minute Resume Review w/Ashley – Book your call with Ashley at Send your newly updated resume to  Ashley at for feedback and suggested improvements.  

Laura Vaughn Photo.jpeg

 Laura, Chief Executive Officer

“Ashley will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! She is a brilliant and gifted resume writer/creator and coach. I couldn't believe how beautifully she captured my skillset and made me shine on paper. I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley as your "go-to" when you want to make a change, improve your income, change career paths and/or move up....she can and will do it all.”



Whether you're:


...a new grad hoping to land the first job in your field,

...a mid-level manager looking for that 6-figure promotion, experienced director ready to take on an executive role, OR ambitious professional wanting to shift gears into a new industry

I can help you write a resume that oozes with confidence and positions you for more interviews for high-paying roles at Fortune 500 brands.

"I'd been in HR for 10 years. After having my daughter and taking a 2-year break, I was afraid to jump back in. Ashley got me back in the corporate game immediately and helped me shift into a completely different focus with the salary I wanted. Her resume writing skills are impeccable!”

Jessica Adams Photo.jpeg

 Jessica, Human Resources Leader


1.    How will I know I’ve written my resume effectively?

a)    You can email your completed resume to for Ashley. She’ll review your resume and offer feedback/suggestions for improvement.


2.    When does the Resume Reboot™ resume writing course begin?

a)    After the official course launch on January 1, 2023, you can begin immediately after enrolling. The Resume Reboot resume writing course is self-paced, so you can complete as many modules as you want, whenever you want.


3.    What happens after I enroll?

a)    Immediately after enrolling, you’ll receive confirmation that includes your login details. Once you’re logged in, you can access all 7 modules of the courses plus bonuses.


4.    Is this an instructor-led course?

a)    The Resume Reboot™ resume writing course is a 7-module, self-paced online course. Complete it as fast or slow as you desire.


5.    How long will it take to complete the Resume Reboot™ resume writing course material?

a)    The Resume Reboot™ resume writing course is self-paced. Some may finish the course in one sitting. Others may choose to complete each module in bite-size pieces. Be patient with yourself and do what works for you. Just don’t give up.


6.    What if I need 1-on-1 resume writing support or for someone to just write my resume for me?

a)    You can book a consult at to privately discuss your career needs, service options, and timelines.


7.    What if I have trouble logging in?

a)    If you experience any technical difficulties, email Ashley at You should receive a response within 48 hours.

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 Rosalyn, Family Advocate

"Ashley is unmatched. She provides thorough and to the point knowledge on how to tailor a resume to a specific job. I used her resume template and guidance to apply for a job and was called for a phone interview within days. Then, I got a job offer. Ashley's professionalism and coaching service are exemplary. I will confidently recommend Write Step Resumes to anyone seeking help.”

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