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Too many...

…top-performing managers

…high-achieving executives

…promotion-ready leaders


Just like you, feel dissatisfied in their current roles.


It’s time for you to step into your greatness. No more hiding in plain sight. Give yourself permission to start seizing more advanced roles that offer better compensation, a healthier work-life balance, and more freedom to show up as the best-in-class leader you are.


If you feel paralyzed and incapable of escaping unfulfilling career opportunities, let the Resign by Design group coaching program position you as the purpose-driven leader you were destined to become.

K. Morgan.jpeg

 Kimberly, Public Health Analyst/Project Manager

“I can't say enough about the exceptional support she provided, which helped me land my dream job! Her coaching style is naturally inspiring, leaving your feeling empowered to push beyond your traditional approach to highlighting your professional experiences, networking and interviewing."  


High achievers who’ve hit a career plateau or face limited promotional opportunities tend to talk down on themselves. Despite their accomplishments, many find it difficult to pinpoint their career growth goals, confidently communicate their value, and negotiate lucrative salaries. They can visualize what they desire but fall short when it’s time to make a move and grab hold of their career destiny.


If these statements sound familiar, it’s time for transformation:


  • "I deserve better than this." You recognize your value and feel your salary, recognition, and rewards should reflect the excellence of your contributions.

  • "I guess I can hold out in this position until I retire." You feel trapped in a role that doesn’t offer growth opportunities and use retirement as an excuse to stick it out a little longer.

  • "No one notices my hard work, but I’m running circles around my peers." You feel invisible and unappreciated. You question how your skills, qualifications, and worth are overlooked when you’ve consistently performed at a high level.

  • "It’s time to do something different." You finally realize that change is necessary but tense up when it’s time to present your expertise and personal brand to land a new role.


Negative self-talk erodes your confidence and interferes with you reaching your maximum career potential. 


I know because I’ve been there a time or two in my career, too. I know firsthand how isolating and soul-sucking career searching can be.


In my Resign by Design™ group coaching program, I teach promotion-ready professionals how to escape unfulfilling careers and build profitable brands that land 6-figure leadership roles in 12 weeks or less. The best part is, you can secure a role you enjoy without getting another degree or certification.

“I knew I found the right coach. Ashley doesn't tell you want you want to hear - she tells you what you *need* to hear. She helps you understand the current recruiting climate and provides expert coaching that builds confidence. This week I started a new job; an opportunity of a lifetime. 

M. Wascavage.jpeg

 Mary, Regional Director of Marketing and Communications



Hey there!


I’m Ashley Watkins Thomas, your dedicated job search and resume writing coach.


As a corporate recruiter, I've hired top talent for national nonprofits and multimillion-dollar companies in the banking and manufacturing industries.

Before launching Write Step Resumes, I can't tell you how many promotions I let pass me by. My degree, years of experience, and achievements didn't matter because I didn't know how great I was back then.


Even as a recruiter, I struggled to reach my career goals. I was skipped over and rejected until I formulated a job search plan that got my resume in front of decision makers, produced multiple interviews, and boosted my salary $14K-$20K with each career change.


Since launching my job search coaching business, I’ve amassed a catalog of accomplishments, including:


  • 2X LinkedIn Top Voice

  • 2X Jobscan’s Top 15 LinkedIn Job Search Experts to Follow

  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert designations

  • 30+ features in major publications – HuffPost, NY Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal

  • 2022 TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award + 2023 TORI competition judge


Now, I help emerging and senior leaders overcome the worry, self-pity, and stress of their job search so they don't struggle like I did.


If you're looking for career growth, pivoting into a new industry, or simply wanting to maximize your job search results, the Resign by Design™ group coaching program covers it all in just 12 weeks. 

Jon Stephens Photo.jpeg

 Jon, Regional Operations Director

“With Ashley's help, I’ve been able to increase my salary by over 70% compared to what I was earning before meeting her. She is a true professional and she’s the best at what she does!”


Whether you're:


...a mid-level manager looking for that 6-figure promotion, experienced director ready to take on an executive role, OR ambitious senior professional wanting to pivot into a new industry.

You can have a career you enjoy, earn a significant salary increase, and achieve unparalleled success. You don't do it by “pushing through”. You do it by obtaining the support you need to thrive in your career.


The Resign by Design™ group coaching program delivers real, measurable outcomes—helping you conquer your fear of an oversaturated, competitive market and command a top-dollar salary with the skillset you already have.

“Ashley is the definition of a true partner. She provides best practices and resources to ensure clients are prepared to pursue the next level of their careers. Working with her is more than a resume; it is a reflection of your accomplishments and your path forward. Her exceptional resume and interview coaching knowledge helped me secure a position that pays six figures. Yes...100% WFH!”

Kate Zimmer Photo.jpeg

 Kate, Talent Acquisition Manager


Weekly Interactive

Group Coaching Sessions

Career Marketing 


Individual & Group

Job Search Support

Week 1: Preparing for Your Job Search — Uncover leading-edge strategies to kick-start a successful career search. The program will help you set clear goals and build a roadmap tailored to those goals.

Week 2: Identifying Target Companies — Learn how to pinpoint organizations that align with your values and offer opportunities that pay your desired salary. No more settling for less!

Week 3: Personal Branding — Elevate your personal brand to stand out in a crowded market. Tell a compelling career story that sells your value and gets hiring teams excited about hiring you.

Week 4: Deciphering Job Postings/Identifying Keywords — Learn to evaluate your experience against target job postings. Discover how keyword optimization appeals to hiring pros and works in the ATS (applicant tracking software).

Weeks 5-6: Resume Writing You'll receive an expertly crafted resume that commands attention and highlights your unique achievements. Learn the techniques that will make hiring managers take notice.


Week 7: LinkedIn Writing Your LinkedIn profile will be transformed into a keyword-rich career search tool that showcases your authentic story and attracts the right-fit opportunities you desire.


Week 8: Networking — Build, nurture, and leverage a network that opens doors in your career. Gain the confidence to connect with industry leaders, peers, and decision makers in your target career field.


Weeks 9-11: Interviewing — Ace your interviews with ease. From preparation to follow-up, you’ll learn the strategies to sell, tell, and close so you secure a higher-paying offer. Participate in a mock interview with a Fortune 500 executive recruiter.


Week 12: Salary Negotiation — Don’t leave money on the table. Learn negotiation techniques that position you for a $15-50K salary increase so you never accept a low-ball offer again.


Weeks 13-16: Q&A Support — Receive ongoing guidance and support as you take action on what you've learned in the program. Your coach, Ashley, will be there to answer your questions and help you navigate the job search process at every phase.

Other Program Benefits:

  • Weekly live trainings with Ashley and other careers experts.

  • Email/text support to tackle roadblocks and challenges hindering your progress.

  • Resources, guides, worksheets, videos, and templates to boost your job search effiency.

  • ​Access to a private peer community on LinkedIn. Interact with and learn from other leaders in the program who share your enthusiasm for career growth and advancement.​


Job Interview

Pay upfront in full or split into 4 payments. Payment plans available through PayPal Credit, Pay later, or Afterpay.

Pay in Full

  • Full access to Resign by Design™ Program materials and peer community from your start date.

  • One-Time Payment​

Split Into 4 Payments

  • Access granted to Resign by Design™ Program materials and peer community when you make payments.

  • 4 Payments​ of $1,325

Your investment includes:

  • 12 coaching sessions ($349 each): $4,188

  • Done-For-You Resume & LinkedIn profile: $1,749

  • Interview Coaching: $1,399

  • Email Support for 3 months: $1,047

Total: $8,383 (when purchased individually)

You're getting all of this and more for about half the cost!

"I'd been in HR for 10 years. After having my daughter and taking a 2-year break, I was afraid to jump back in. Ashley got me back in the corporate game immediately and helped me shift into a completely different focus with the salary I wanted. Her resume writing skills are impeccable!”

Jessica Adams Photo.jpeg

 Jessica, Human Resources Leader


 1. What can I expect to achieve by the end of the program?

a) By the end of the program, you'll have a clear career strategy and a compelling personal brand. Additionally, each participant gets a keyword-optimized resume and LinkedIn profile, enhanced networking and interview skills, and the confidence to negotiate a salary and secure a higher-paying, more fulfilling role.

 2. How is the program structured?

a) The program is structured into 12 weekly sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of the job search and career advancement process. The last 4 weeks offer Q&A support to help you implement what you’ve learned.


 3. How do I connect with other group members?

a) Once you enroll in the program, you'll be granted access to a peer community in a private LinkedIn group. This will help you get accustomed to engaging on the platform more regularly for networking, which is a huge contributor to your job search success. To maintain access, you must be up to date with payments.

 4. How much time will I need to commit each week?

a) Each weekly session lasts about 60-90 minutes. Additionally, you should plan for 1-2 hours of homework and practice each week to apply the concepts and strategies discussed in the sessions.

 5. Will I receive one-on-one coaching?

a) The program primarily focuses on group coaching, but you'll have opportunities for personalized feedback during the sessions. Additionally, there will be Q&A sessions where you can ask specific questions related to your situation.

 6. Is this program industry-specific?

a) No, the strategies and skills taught in this program are applicable across all industries. Whether you’re in tech, finance, healthcare, or any other field, you’ll find the content relevant and beneficial.

 7. What kind of support will I receive after the 12 weeks?

a) You'll have access to 4 additional weeks of Q&A support, during which you can ask questions and receive guidance as you implement the strategies learned in the program.

 8. How much does the program cost?

a) Your investment is $4997 if paid in full. Flexible payment plans (processing fees apply) are available to ensure the program is accessible to everyone. Contact Ashley at for details and setup.

 9. How do I enroll in the program?

a) To enroll, simply click "Apply Now" and complete the application form. Ashley will review your application and contact you for an introductory call. Once accepted, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the necessary details to get started.

10. Are the sessions recorded, and how can I access them?

a) Yes, all sessions are recorded and made available to participants. You'll gain access to a private online portal where you can view and download the session recordings at your convenience. This ensures you can catch up on any missed sessions and revisit the materials and training as needed.


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 Rosalyn, Family Advocate

"Ashley is unmatched. She provides thorough and to the point knowledge on how to tailor a resume to a specific job. I used her resume template and guidance to apply for a job and was called for a phone interview within days. Then, I got a job offer. Ashley's professionalism and coaching service are exemplary. I will confidently recommend Write Step Resumes to anyone seeking help.”

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