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4 Stereotypes About Women In The Workplace (That Aren’t True)

With the increase of women making power moves in the workplace, you’d think we’ve somehow overcome the stereotypes that have plagued us over the years. Here are some myth busters to prove women can be great leaders and have shattered the gendered expectations of cooking, cleaning and birthing children.

MYTH 1: Women lack leadership ability

Many women are nurturing, supportive, communicative and receptive to the emotions of others around them. This not only means that we can easily slip into the role of peacemaker and fixer, but leader as well. Despite what this man’s world tells us, this doesn’t make women weak, rather it provides additional evidence of our strength. Women executives have to work harder than their male counterparts because there are so few of us at the top. Collectively, this is a recipe for success in leading employees in the workplace. Employees like to work for leaders they can connect with. Happier employees create more profitable outcomes for companies nationwide.

MYTH 2: Hire a women and she’ll start a family and quit

When hiring women of child-bearing age, companies run the risk of losing them should those women decide to step away from the workplace to start a family. Keep in mind that being a homemaker isn’t every woman’s dream situation. Women can and should have it all if they so choose. For years women have climbed the corporate ladder while maintaining healthy family structures. It’s not easy but women are pretty awesome creatures and are unstoppable when their eyes are on the prize.

MYTH 3: Women are too emotional

Yes, women can be emotional; so can men. This in no way validates the assumption that a woman will fly off the handle after not getting her way or will burst into tears because someone hurt her feelings. Successful women keep those emotions in check and use them to benefit their companies. Women understand their customers spend more money where they feel they matter. Plus, their employees work harder because they feel more important than the company’s bottom line. Empathy is an attribute of the best women leaders and that is not easily taught.

MYTH 4: Women are bossy

The word bossy gets thrown around a lot when describing assertive women in the workplace. Bossy women tell others what to do. They make decisions on their own without consulting with the individuals affected. Assertive women take the initiative to research options, facilitate focus groups and move aggressively forward with their strategies to get the job done. A woman in leadership, who speaks up or holds her subordinates accountable for achieving goals, isn’t bossy. She’s just a BOSS!

Successful women listen, collaborate, motivate and build high-quality relationships to make things happen. It’s time for the world to get past these stereotypes and recognize women as the rock stars we were destined to be.

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