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How To Master Your Brand Authenticity And Stand Out From The Crowd

The recent election results sparked an entrepreneurial fire under the heels of many minority women in the US. Some are motivated by fear, while the remainder are fueled by a desire to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck rat race of lower tax brackets under Republican leadership. The question of how to escape this risky cycle remains top of mind for many Americans.

At every click, it seems like some business consultant is offering a get-rich-quick scheme to help you build your email list in 3 days, make six-figures in a month or book more VIP clients. With all of the cookie-cutter programs, how do you stand out from the pack and attract your ideal clients? Of course, the experts say “Do exactly as I did and you’ll make money in your sleep.” Here’s how you fine-tune your brand authenticity without being a copycat.

Be yourself

Customers buy into the experience—not just your product or service. They also want to feel connected to you as a person. Potential clients will instantly sniff out a knock-off copycat. When your brand is relatable, and your audience feels you genuinely understand their struggle, they’ll be more inclined to buy into your business. Speaking authentically about your journey to success or ability to solve your ideal audience’s problem can yield tremendous ROI. Before you dig in, it’s important to decide which version of yourself you’re going to present to your audience. Will it be the fearless diva or the girl next door? Whatever you decide—commit! No one else can write your story, but getting help shouldn’t be off limits. Hiring a professional can help you gain clarity in your brand and allow your authenticity to shine through.

Be visible

Not everyone desires a front-facing role in business. Even if your angle is less social, your ideal clients need to see you making moves. Social media is a great platform to educate potential customers about who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. With the right online presence, you can quickly automate your business and reach countless individuals who need your product or service. Don’t overwhelm yourself by signing up for every social media site in existence. Pick what works best for you and your audience and stick with it. Posting on social media or blogging isn’t always enough and sometimes you have to step away from the keyboard. Shake hands and rub elbows with professionals in your field. Networking to build solid relationships will help your brand gain the exposure necessary to generate revenue and customer engagement.

Be consistent

Pop-up businesses are everywhere. One minute they are flooding your timelines with promotional posts and the next minute they are extinct. Consistency is key when building a brand. When you’re first starting out, it’s crucial to establish trust with potential customers. They need to trust you know what you’re doing and that they can count on you to solve their problem. Be intentional with your messaging, program offerings, and product placement to prove to your target audience you’re not going to flake when they need you most. With the increase in scams, entrepreneurs should confirm their value and expertise by consistently creating reliable products and services. One rule to live by is under-promise and over-deliver. If you continue to wow your customers, you’ll increase repeat business and referrals. Word of mouth in your new business can be everything—in more ways than one. Inconsistency can ruin your brand image. The last thing you want is generate a buzz that you’re running a bogus operation.

Remain consistent in your brand, value, and customer service and the money will come. Don’t surrender to the urge to mimic the big wigs. Authenticity makes it impossible for a copycat to keep up. By the time an impersonator has mastered what you did yesterday, your brand has already launched a new campaign to gain momentum and build generational wealth.

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Ashley Watkins, Career Coach and Nationally Certified Resume Writer with Write Step Resumes, LLC, offers high-quality career documents and services to job seekers and career changers that generate more interviews and higher salary offers. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or via Click here to schedule a FREE consult today!

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