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How Social Media Can Get You Fired

Going viral on social media can quickly become your ticket to stardom if you play your cards right. On the other hand, it can cost you your job. Here’s what gets you fired.

Pictures, posts, and videos

This one seems like a no-brainer tip, but still gets employees in worlds of trouble. There have been countless stories about employers being forced to terminate employees due to racist and offensive posts on their personal pages after customers have complained. It’s super easy to find out where someone works, even if it’s not posted on a social media profile. No matter what privacy settings you choose, nothing is fool proof. Whatever you release into the social media universe becomes digital dirt that lives on forever. You can delete those “turn up” photos or fight videos if you want, but thanks to screenshot and share options–someone will “grab and blab” your indiscretions all over the Internet. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your boss, parents, or pastor quoting one of your tweets or status updates in front of an audience, don’t post it. Think twice–post once.

Cyber bullying

Cyberspace gives courage to all cowardly lions. We see memes captioned “Say something nice” and our minds start racing with witty clapbacks and jokes. Never do we stop for a second to think about the individual as a real person. More and more stories are surfacing where victims are speaking out about their experiences with cyber bullying or shaming. They're minding their business one day, and they’re becoming a source of entertainment for the masses the next. Many of these memes have pushed innocent people to suicide and other forms of self-harm. If an employer gets wind of you being the mastermind for publicly ridiculing people for their shortcomings, you can kiss that job goodbye.

Sharing too much

Social media is about being social, right? You share information about what you’re wearing, what's for dinner, and who's the new bae. We all have those online pals who are a little too generous with what they post. For instance, they call in sick and later post how much fun they had at the Beyonce concert, which probably won’t sit too well with their boss. It can get even worse if you’re sharing proprietary secrets, criticizing company leadership, or complaining about how much you hate your job. You don’t accept coworkers as friends, so you’re safe. Wrong! Remember that screenshot we talked about earlier? Gets them every time.

If the world can see it, so can an employer. Do everything you can to keep a clean social media presence. Even if what you post isn’t work related, you represent the company and its values. Be smart about what you share and keep your job!

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