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When it comes to résumé formats, there is a thin line between creative and tacky.  Tons of articles are posted every day urging job seekers to stand out, be seen, or make an impact.  The course of action for accomplishing these things without earning yourself a gigantic “eek” from a hiring manager isn’t always cut and dry. You only have 6 seconds to “wow” recruiters with your résumé. To get the best bang for your buck, your résumé also needs to make it past the employer’s ATS (applicant tracking software).

Job seekers should use attention-grabbing résumé content to intrigue hiring managers without compromising its relevancy to the desired job. However, effectively illustrating a career story without focusing on task lists that lead hiring managers down the path to boredom can be tricky.

We’ll work together to highlight your achievements, improvements, and measurable results — since that’s what hiring managers really want to read. Hiring managers overlook cookie-cutter objective statements, “references available upon request,” and weak bullets beginning with “responsible for.”

During our strategy session, we’ll create just the right formula for an eye-catching, keyword-rich, and ATS-friendly résumé. Our goal is to help you land far more job offers than rejection letters. Schedule your 30-minute consult today or try the DIY option instead.

Cover Letters


While there's always some argument about whether or not prospective employers actually bother to read cover letters, no one seems to dispute the fact that you need one anyway. Since cover letters are often your first impression, they must be flawless.


Cover letters are a necessary part of any professional job search. We present your talents as a professional and keep the perspective of the employer front of mind. No hiring manager wants to read a never-ending document, so we keep it simple. In most cases, our cover letters rarely exceed 250 words.


Our focus is clearly communicating your value in your cover letter so you'll have that new job before you know it! Schedule your 30-minute consult today or try our DIY option instead.

LinkedIn profiles


As a recruiter, one of the first places I searched for ideal candidates was LinkedIn. Having an updated, keyword-rich profile is crucial to your job search. When an employer conducts a search in LinkedIn, they will see your photo, headline, location, and industry, so it’s important to have a well-written profile.


We encourage you to think of how do you add more value to the company, or solve problems better than other job candidates. Your LinkedIn Summary and Headline can set you apart from other job seekers on LinkedIn by demonstrating that you understand what employers want — and what you have to offer that meets that need.


Your LinkedIn profile is a “living document” and should be updated regularly with new projects, activities, and information. We remove the stress from this process by revamping your profile for you! Schedule your 30-minute consult today or try our DIY option instead.

Résumé Distribution


Thanks to the Internet, the rules of the job search games have changed dramatically. Recruiters are no longer limiting their candidate searches to specific geographic locations. This means that a recruiter anywhere in the country could be working on a position in your discipline. A significant number of hires occur by tapping the nationwide not just local markets.


Our résumé distribution service can maximize your chances of securing new career opportunities across all industries and salary ranges. Within days, your résumé could grab the attention of more than 18,500 recruiters and 3,200 venture capital/private equity contacts at 800-1200 firms nationwide. The good news is we don’t charge by the number of recruiters or firms on the contact list!

You’ll receive a list with complete contact information for each recruiter.


Easy enough, right? Let’s get started today! Schedule now.

Career Coaching


Looking for a job - a tough feat in any field - can be even harder when the competition is stiff and your skills are outdated. An effective career strategy can set you apart from other candidates if you know how to properly promote yourself.


You might have better skills and knowledge than other candidates in your field, but unfortunately, if they have more effective marketing, they might have a better shot at the job. The system is not always fair, but if you play your cards right, you can end up landing any job you want.


When you're looking for a job, your must be organized and prepared. Through our coaching programs, you’ll determine the specific jobs that you'd like and whether or not you currently have the proper skill set to apply.


If you need to brush up on your interviewing skills, we’ve got you covered! We offer specialized training to develop stellar techniques, including a one-minute pitch, CAR stories, and more.


Potential employers will be impressed and know that you're serious about getting the job.






Schedule your 30-minute consult today!

DIY Cover Letter Training

What if you could create a cover letter on your own and land more job interviews fast? Our DIY (Do it yourself) Cover Letter Training is a step-by-step guide for creating a powerful cover letter on your own. This training is for the savvy job seekers who want to make a bigger impact in their job search to get more interviews and jobs offers and secure higher salaries.

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DIY Résumé Training

Job seekers should use attention-grabbing résumé content to capture the hiring manager’s attention without compromising its relevancy to the desired job.  However, effectively illustrating a career story without focusing on task lists that lead hiring managers down the path to boredom can be tricky.


Before a job seeker overdoses on fancy templates and abuses a Thesaurus, remember less is more.  This training will help you focus on the desired response and create a personal brand that showcases your specialties and overall fit for the company.  

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Career Coaching
Download Training

While the résumé writers of Write Step Résumés, LLC are located in Birmingham, AL, we provide services to clients nationwide.  We'd love to help you write your career dreams into reality!

Schedule your 30-min Résumé Makeover Consult TODAY!!

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