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Looking for a job - a tough feat in any field - can be even harder when the competition is stiff and your skills are outdated. An effective career strategy can set you apart from other candidates if you know how to properly promote yourself.


You might have better skills and knowledge than other candidates in your field, but unfortunately, if they have more effective marketing, they might have a better shot at the job. The system is not always fair, but if you play your cards right, you can end up landing any job you want.

~ Ashley Watkins, Career Coach and Nationally Certified Résumé Writer

4-Week Job Search Strategy Program

Land more interviews and job offers at the salary you deserve.

In this one-on-one program, we'll start by...

  • Getting crystal clear about what job fits your unique skills or exemplifies your career and life purpose.

  • Identifying your personal brand and aligning your attributes with a target career field.

  • Crafting high-quality career documents (résumé and cover letter) to highlight your unique value offerings and communicate the distinct benefit to the target employer.

  • Creating a personalized, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile so you appear in more employer searches and clearly demonstrate a specific value to the company, or how you solve problems better than other job candidates. 

  • Devising a job search strategy to determine the specific jobs you would like and whether or not you currently have the proper skill set to apply. 

  • Teaching you to connect you with recruiters, access the hidden job market and use networking techniques to find your next career opportunity.

What you'll get:

  • Gain clarity…Solidify your specific career goals and get crystal clear on your targeted audience or industry.

  • Define the brand promise…Take a deep dive into what you have achieved to validate career values, passions, strengths and accomplishments to show how you answer the target employer’s problem. (personal branding training)

  • 1-hour coaching sessions (4 weeks) to define career target, value offerings, and job search strategy.

  • Detailed questionnaire to take a deep dive into employment history, embrace what you are best known for and express the achievements you are most proud of mastering.

  • Professionally written, value-based résumé and cover letter

  • Learn to network like a pro…Complete LinkedIn profile makeover packed with industry-specific keywords, an eye-catching headline and personalized descriptions of what you bring to the table.

  • Access the hidden job market…Maximize your chances of securing new career opportunities across all industries and salary ranges.

  • Resume distribution...Get your resume in the hands of the nation’s top recruiting professionals. (for experienced professionals and above)

Jon S.

"…her zeal for helping people and passion for her line of work shine through in all that she does. With her help, I’ve been able to increase my salary by over 70% compared to what I was earning before meeting her. She is a true professional and she’s the best at what she does!"

Roger H.

"With Ashley's encouragement, consultation and advice, I never gave up on pursuing my dream job. I had been a top two finalist for four high profile jobs before success came my way. I landed my dream job with the salary I needed and the benefits I wanted. I would not have been successful without Ashley Watkins and Write Step Resume's. I recommend Ashley Watkins' work to anyone who wants to be successful. Thank you Ashley."

Eva S.

“Truly professional and tailored coaching service. Ashley provided trainings with relevant and concise knowledge, thorough preparation and attentive guidance. She listens with real understanding to the client's specific needs. Thank you for all the help provided during the whole job finding process.”

Your Program Options & Investment

Career Newbie: $1299

  • Personal Branding Training

  • Career Strategy Session

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Makeover

  • Networking Strategy Coaching

  • Interview Guide + Social Media Audit/Plan

Experienced Professional: $1899

  • Personal Branding Training

  • Career Strategy Session + DISC Assessment

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Makeover

  • Networking Strategy Coaching

  • Resume Distribution

  • Interviewing Guide

  • Salary Negotiation Guide

Senior Leader: $2699

  • Personal Branding Training

  • Career Strategy Session w/ DISC Leadership Assessment

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Makeover

  • Networking Strategy Coaching

  • Resume Distribution

  • Interviewing Guide

  • Salary Negotiation Guide

  • 30-60-90 Day Plan Guide

Note: We offer customizable packages for C-level Executives. Please give us a call at 205-352-4212 to learn more.

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