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When it comes to résumé formats, there is a thin line between creative and tacky.  Tons of articles are posted every day urging job seekers to stand out, be seen, or make an impact.  The course of action for accomplishing these things without earning yourself a gigantic “eek” from a hiring manager isn’t always cut and dry. You only have 6 seconds to “wow” recruiters with your résumé. To get the best bang for your buck, your résumé also needs to make it past the employer’s ATS (applicant tracking software).

We’ll work together to highlight your achievements, improvements, and measurable results — since that’s what hiring managers really want to read. Hiring managers overlook cookie-cutter objective statements, “references available upon request,” and weak bullets beginning with “responsible for.”

In this training, you'll learn just the right formula for an eye-catching, keyword-rich, and ATS-friendly résumé. Our goal is to help you land far more job offers than rejection letters. Purchase the DIY training below. Schedule your 30-minute consult for one-on-one services today! Learn More Here

DIY Résumé Training

Job seekers should use attention-grabbing résumé content to capture the hiring manager’s attention without compromising its relevancy to the desired job.  However, effectively illustrating a career story without focusing on task lists that lead hiring managers down the path to boredom can be tricky.


Before a job seeker overdoses on fancy templates and abuses a Thesaurus, remember less is more.  This training will help you focus on the desired response and create a personal brand that showcases your specialties and overall fit for the company.  

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Cover Letters


While there's always some argument about whether or not prospective employers actually bother to read cover letters, no one seems to dispute the fact that you need one anyway. Since cover letters are often your first impression, they must be flawless.


Cover letters are a necessary part of any professional job search. We present your talents as a professional and keep the perspective of the employer front of mind. No hiring manager wants to read a never-ending document, so we keep it simple. In most cases, our cover letters rarely exceed 250 words.


Our focus is clearly communicating your value in your cover letter so you'll have that new job before you know it! Purchase the DIY training below. Schedule your 30-minute consult to discuss one-on-one services today! Learn More Here

DIY Cover Letter Training

What if you could create a cover letter on your own and land more job interviews fast? Our DIY (Do it yourself) Cover Letter Training is a step-by-step guide for creating a powerful cover letter on your own. This training is for the savvy job seekers who want to make a bigger impact in their job search to get more interviews and jobs offers and secure higher salaries.

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LinkedIn profiles


As a recruiter, one of the first places I searched for ideal candidates was LinkedIn. Having an updated, keyword-rich profile is crucial to your job search. When an employer conducts a search in LinkedIn, they will see your photo, headline, location, and industry, so it’s important to have a well-written profile.


We encourage you to think of how do you add more value to the company, or solve problems better than other job candidates. Your LinkedIn Summary and Headline can set you apart from other job seekers on LinkedIn by demonstrating that you understand what employers want — and what you have to offer that meets that need.


Your LinkedIn profile is a “living document” and should be updated regularly with new projects, activities, and information. We remove the stress from this process by teaching you how to revamp your profile! Purchase the DIY training below. Schedule your 30-minute consult for one-on-one services today! Learn More Here

LinkedIn and Your Job Search: Create Your Own Profile
LinkedIn is the top social networking website for jobseekers. As Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, explains it, “Post a full profile and get connected to the people you trust. Because if you’re connected to those people and you posted a profile, then when other people are searching for people, they might find you.” This is a guide with step-by-step instructions to create your own LinkedIn profile today!

 Reg. $20

Brag Books

If it’s true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, why don’t jobseekers come to job interviews prepared to show and tell?


One of the best ways to do this is with a “brag book,” otherwise known as a portfolio, leave-behind, or interview presentation binder. While portfolios are expected in certain “creative” professions, jobseekers in many more “traditional” fields could benefit from preparing a brag book to use in an interview.


Putting together a brag book is also an excellent way to prepare for a job interview, as it can be used to reflect on what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be most relevant for the targeted position. A brag book is also an excellent confidence booster. There’s just something about seeing all of your accomplishments in print that boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Purchase the DIY training below. Schedule your 30-minute consult for one-on-one services today!

Create Your Own Brag Book: Why Having One Is Important In Your Job Search
Brag books support your qualifications as a candidate. The purpose of the brag book is to substantiate the information contained in your résumé and on your LinkedIn profile. Thus, your résumé and LinkedIn profile are the best place to start when compiling your brag book. Create your own today!

 Reg. $20

Job Seeker's Guide To Negotiating the Salary You Deserve
There are generally two opportunities to influence how much money you make: when you get a new job and when you ask for a raise in an existing job. Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Negotiating an initial salary can be stressful; it doesn’t get any easier once you have the job and want a raise. This guide gives you the tools to discuss compensation and relieves anxiety for you and the employer. Purchase the DIY training below. Schedule your 30-minute consult for one-on-one services today! Learn more here

 Reg. $20

Social Media Audit for Job Seekers

More than half of employers say they have rejected an applicant because of what they have found on the jobseeker’s social media profiles. Your online social media profile can positively or negatively impact your job search. This audit will help you evaluate whether your online accounts are helping or hurting your chances of employment. Schedule your 30-minute consult for one-on-one services today! Learn more here

 Reg. $7

While the résumé writers of Write Step Résumés, LLC are located in the Birmingham, AL area, we provide services to clients nationwide.  We'd love to help you write your career dreams into reality!

Schedule your FREE 30-min Résumé Makeover Consult TODAY!!

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