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Your online social media profile can positively or negatively impact your job search. More than half of employers say they have rejected an applicant because of what they have found on the job seeker’s social media profiles.


Over the past few years, I've worked with clients—helping them define their personal brand to land the positions of their dreams.  

 This audit will help you evaluate whether your online accounts are helping or hurting your chances of employment.

~ Ashley Watkins, Career Coach and Nationally Certified Résumé Writer

Social Media Audit

What you'll get:

  • A complete assessment of what your social media presence says about you.

  • The tools to "think like a hiring manager or recruiter” when conducting a Google search on your information.

  • A checklist list to help you determine if your digital dirt is stopping your from landing the job of your dreams.

  • A social media plan help you locate any harmful information and destroy it before it sabotages your job search. 

By the end of this audit, you'll be ready to:

  • Conduct periodic check-ups to help you learn what damaging info is out there online about you.

  • Learn exactly what employers see when they snoop your social media profiles or Google you.

  • Understand why you're missing out on tons of job opportunities by not using your LinkedIn profile in your job search.

  • Develop a squeaky clean social media brand to leave employers wanting to hire you on the spot.

If you’re ready to take control of your online presence to get more interviews and jobs offers and secure higher salaries, purchase your Social Media Audit today!
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