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Fed up with getting rejection emails instead of job offers? Well, let’s turn those crickets into cash.

To help you outshine your competition, I’m hosting the “10 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Landing 6-Figure Interviews” masterclass. This action-packed session takes the guesswork out of resume writing, positioning you to confidently communicate your value—so you land more interviews for higher-paying roles at top-tier brands.

Before working with me, many job seekers are:

  • Submitting 100s of “tailored” resumes, only to get those robotic or AI-generated rejection emails.

  • Fighting for their lives trying to convince hiring teams that they actually do have the required experience because it’s poorly articulated in their resumes.

  • Getting scammed by “gurus” with proofless claims of having the end-all, be-all answer to their job search problems.

  • Rapid-firing one-size-fits-all resumes at every job posting moving and remaining stuck at their dead-end jobs year after year.

It’s 2024, boo. Aren’t you tired? Change is coming. We get results over here.

In the “10 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Landing 6-Figure Interviews” masterclass, I’ll tell you about:


  • Kate, who doubled her salary without getting another degree or certification.

  • Davita, who tripled her income in one of the United States’ lowest-paying states.

  • Jennifer, who landed her dream job in just 5 weeks.

  • Jon, who saw his salary soar by an impressive 70% after implementing my job search strategies.

After just 90 minutes, you can get the cheat code for life-changing results too! Your resume won’t be junk mail anymore—it’ll transform into a compelling career brochure that showcases your unique talents and achievements, leaving employers hungry for more.

Why is Ashley qualified to teach me about resumes?

As a corporate recruiter, I've hired top talent for national nonprofits and multimillion-dollar companies in banking and manufacturing industries.


Since launching my resume writing business, I’ve amassed a catalog of accomplishments, including:


  • 2X LinkedIn Top Voice

  • 2X Jobscan’s Top 15 LinkedIn Job Search Experts to Follow

  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert designations

  • 30+ features in major publications – HuffPost, NY Times, The Washington Post

  • 2022 TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award + 2023 TORI competition judge


I can relate to your struggle because I’ve also been a job seeker—and I leveraged my insider knowledge to boost my salary $14K-$20K with each job change using the skillset I already have. Now, you can too.



The last time I hosted the “10 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Landing 6-Figure Interviews” session, attendees flooded my LinkedIn DMs, many requesting for a replay that, unfortunately, wasn’t offered.


I’m running it back just for you! 

My masterclass isn't just about crafting a resume—it's about utilizing career marketing to showcase your personal brand.

During this session, you’ll learn:

It's happening on 

June 11, 2024 at 11:30 am CST

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