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Ace the interview. Land your dream job at the salary you deserve!

Since 2003, I’ve conducted countless interviews, collaborated with key hiring decision makers, and extended thousands of job offers to viable candidates just like you. By working with me, you’ll gain insight into hiring techniques so you’ll make a bigger impact in your job search.


Even if you feel you're "good" at interviewing, it’s important to have a solid plan for communicating your value and expertise to employers.

~ Ashley Watkins, Career Coach and Nationally Certified Résumé Writer

This program is for you if...

  1. The last time you interviewed was more than 6 months ago.

  2. Someone mentioning the word interview gives you sweaty palms.

  3. Immediately after an interview, you have racing thoughts about how you could have given better responses.

  4. You want to be more confident in interviews when telling your career stories using the STAR format. No more rambling or awkward pauses!

  5. You are ready to communicate your value offerings without selling yourself short.

  6. Having employers compete to snag you before someone does is something you'd pay top dollar for in a heartbeat!

What you'll learn:

  • Ways to tailor your responses to exemplify your overall brand and have employers lined up to hire you.

  • How to avoid cliché responses to the most important interview questions, including the dreaded "tell me about yourself" or "explain your strengths and weaknesses." 

  • Tips for speaking with confidence and purpose so you land a job you love — at the salary you deserve.

  • Techniques for incorporating research, networking, and follow-up into your job search so you maximize each interaction with hiring representatives.

How it works:

  • Two 60-minute private coaching sessions to help you communicate your value offerings without selling yourself short (STAR format and one-minute pitch)

  • One 60-minute mock interview/training session, followed by a personalized critique.

  • Industry-specific interview questions and tips for mastering virtual interviews like a pro.

  • eBooks with strategies for career exploration, networking, and salary negotiation so you get paid what you deserve.

$499 (Career Newbie)
$599 (Experienced Professional)
$799 (Senior Leader)
$999 (Executive)
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